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How To Decrypt or Restore Encrypted Files


Today  I will be showing you how to decrypt or restore encrypted files successfully with Tesla Crypt Ransomware Removal.

Decryption according to Wiktionary is the process of reversing an encryption, i.e. the process which converts encrypted data into its original form.

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Having known the meaning of “decrypt” and “encrypt” then you can proceed to the steps below, follow the process step by step.

Note: Before decrypting the files, please make sure you backup the encrypted files to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

How To Decrypt or Restore Encrypted Files

STEP 1: Download Talos TeslaCrypt Decryption Tool.

Windows binary: http://labs.snort.org/files/TeslaDecrypt_exe.zip

Python script: https://labs.snort.org/files/TeslaDecrypt_python.zip

Source code to Windows binary: https://labs.snort.org/files/TeslaDecrypt_cpp.zip

STEP 3: Extract the zip file.

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STEP 4: Open Explorer and type %appdata%. Find “key.dat” file in the application data directory. Then Copy the “key.dat” file into the tool’s directory.

STEP 5: Open Talos Teslacrypt decryption tool.

STEP 6: Enter the  encrypted file or a directory containing encrypted files and then hit the enter key.

The tool will decrypt the specified files and restore the original content.

Here is list of useful command line options:

/help – Show the help message.

/key – Manually specify the master key for the decryption (32 bytes/64 digits).

/keyfile – Specify the path of the “key.dat” file used to recover the master key.

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/file – Decrypt an encrypted file.

/dir – Decrypt all the “.ecc” files in the target directory and its subdirs.

/scanEntirePc – Decrypt “.ecc” files on the entire computer.

/KeepOriginal – Keep the original file(s) in the encryption process.

/deleteTeslaCrypt – Automatically kill and delete the TeslaCrypt dropper (if found active in the target system).



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