How to Increase Your Android Network Strength Using Terminal Emulator

Android OS is one of the best Operating System for mobile devices because of the ability to modify things and tweak the processes to ones taste even network strength.

Most Android Smartphone comes with a very low memory and this does slows down the phone performance.

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Apart from that, due to the way each installed app makes use of the network, it tells on the strength especially when you are in a rush to browse out some links, it tend to slow you down.

With this little trick you can make the signal strength more stable, no root required though and if rooted it’s of more benefits.

How to Increase Your Phone Speed

1. Open Terminal Emulator – {Download Here}.
2. Type “ping” without quotes and press enter.
3. Then Leave Terminal Emulanetwork speedtor Running in background.
4. You will see that your connection is Faster & more Stable.

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