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How to Watch Free DSTV Supersport Channels on IPTV Mobile App


As World Cup madness closes and football season comes in, you’re probably starting to wonder how to watch Supersport so as not to miss all the live actions.

Watching other international sport channels might not be so intriguing as most people are addicted to Supersport already.

Not quite long we published about Free Premium IPTV Account With Over 7,000+ Channels with the premium app included.

Fret not, for those days are no more. You no longer have to swear allegiance to a DSTV just to watch their channel, now it’s possible on mobile for free.

supersport 4

Supersport channels are on IPTV app just that many doesn’t know it exist because it wasn’t listed, now we have a trick around it.

As you now have a premium IPTV login for free with a premium app then to watch DSTV Supersport shouldn’t be a problem.

How to Watch Free DSTV Supersport Channels on IPTV Mobile App.

1. Launch and login to your IPTV app download link here.

2. Click on “LIVE TV” to list its options.

supersport live

3. Then select “AFRICA” and you will see the list of channels in Africa.

supersport 2

4. Click on the search icon then search for “Super Sport”, you will then be able to see all Supersport channels.

supersport 3

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Then you can select from the list your choice with full uninterrupted clear streaming.

Make use of the comment box if it works for you or if you encounter any issue with it.

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