MTN Free Browsing With KPN Tunnel Rev

Hivamedia is here again with another MTN free browsing trick, this trick works perfectly on all Mtn sim card, with the help of KPN Rev Tunnel app.

With this app we get faster connection and it’s very light so no excess of excess battery consumption.

Hivamedia recently published a post on how to browse free on MTN with the help of Http Injector.

Here: MTN Latest Free Browsing Reloaded [Http Injector]


✓Your Android Device.

✓Your MTN Sim.

Download KPN Tunnel Rev on PlayStore if you don’t have one installed on your android device.

✓Download any of the two KPN-Rev config file below.

Config File
Date Created
Server 1 HM-KPN-7DAYZ{0.00K}.ktr 29-Sept-2018 6-Oct-18
Server 2 HM-KPN-BIT{0.00}.ktr 30-Sept-18 30-Oct-18


Note: This configuration files expires and we will always update this page with new ones. This post will be updated with the latest MTN Config every three-four days. Don’t forget to head here for the latest and also Join us on telegram to get the updated config files all for free.

Warning And Note To Be Taken For Bloggers, Anyone who wanna blog this again should kindly give HivaMedia back the credit with a link to our article relating to this post.

If you insist and go ahead and didn’t do the needful then be ready to have us as your enemy.

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1. Launch the app KPM Tunnel Rev and click the icon beside three dots.

2. Tick SSH Tunnel box as shown below.

3. Return to the first page and click on the three dots.

4. Then click on Config Options.

5. Then click on “Import” to search for the downloaded config file.

6. Select the downloaded file KPN-REV_Hivamedia1.ktr.

7. Select the downloaded file KPN-REV_Hivamedia1.ktr, then click on start.

As you can see in the second image above we have a connection. so we can browse and download on it without panic.

Make use of the telegram page if you encounter any issue with this trick, we will respond as quickly as we can.


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